I have been told by many people over the years that I’m intelligent. Setting aside the problems that I see with the determination of a persons intelligence, I recognise that it’s intended as a compliment, and I’m also aware that I’m not entirely stupid.

I’ve also had many people infer from my vocabulary that I have a university level of education, but this is sadly incorrect — I never finished year 11 at high school.

Instead, I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged me to learn, to read, to never stop asking questions. I devoured books as a…

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Now, first of all, I don’t have an alternative to democracy to offer as a solution. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think there is some value in taking a critical look at democracy and discussing what works well, as well as what faults it has. Please keep in mind, these are just my thoughts, and I’m no expert on any of these issues, just a regular Joe with an interest in politics and psychology, amongst many other things.

So we’ll start with the positives.

In a democratic society, there is the potential for the majority of the population to feel they are represented by someone…

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At the end of the year, when the celebrations of Christmas and New Years here in Australia practically combine into one week-long celebration are filled with experiences that evoke memories. The sights of Christmas trees and Santa costumes, the sounds of Christmas songs, the tastes of things like Christmas pudding, many of these things have a powerful way of unlocking memories.

For some people, this is a good thing. They’re reminded of happy childhood memories, of times filled with smiles and laughter.

For others, this is a difficult time, perhaps because they didn’t experience the joy others are reminded of…

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I’m sure we’re all thoroughly sick and tired of hearing about COVID-19, Coronavirus, or whatever else people want to call it. I get it, I really do.

And I’m not a doctor, I’m not a medical health professional of any kind. All I can do is urge people to follow the advice from reputable health professionals.

I’m very lucky to be an Australian citizen at this time. Australia, at least as I write this, has been lucky enough to not be hit as hard as some other countries have — particularly our friends in the United States and European nations…

If you’re reading this, most likely you have a few accounts with many various services, which you access using the internet. Your email account, your social media account or accounts, your banking details, and so much more.

Please note, I have no link to any product or service mentioned below, nor do I benefit finally from purchases made of any of these products or services. I just want everyone to have more secure accounts!

Most often, this will mean you have to utilise a username of some kind, and a password.

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These can be thought of as the keys to…

This seems like such a simple question, with an equally simple answer at first glance. But once you really think about it, it’s not as simple…

Some of you may be saying your name out loud now, but I would argue that your name doesn’t define you. Unless you have an exceedingly unusual name, there are likely to be many, many people who share your name. And not just your first name, it’s highly unlikely that there isn’t someone out there who shares both your first name and your last name as well.

You might think what you do, combined…

A hard-hat (helmet) for protecting a persons head.

Watching the response to the current COVID-19 pandemic as I write this, the many and varied ways that restrictions have (or have not) been put in place, to me it all boils down to this question: how do we protect people from themselves and their fellow citizens, whilst giving them sufficient freedom?

This is a challenge all governments face worldwide, not just during a pandemic such as we are experiencing now, these challenges existed before COVID-19 and will continue once this pandemic exists only in the history books.

The ways in which this challenge is, or isn’t, tackled, often depends…

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question over the last few weeks, and would like to share my thoughts.

I’m not directly referring to the current COVID-19 situation, as I do not think that will make the human race extinct.

However, having said that, it has certainly highlighted some issues that I feel pose a significant threat to the long-term survival of humans as a species. Not all of these are new issues, in fact none of them are. COVID-19 has made some of these issues more obvious to people.

In my humble opinion, one of the reasons the…

My partner and I were talking about a memory we both share the other day, at a time when neither of us knew the other existed.

And it got me thinking…

The shared memory was of a TV show we both saw when we were children. Which show it was isn’t important, but the idea that many, many people experienced the same TV show all around Australia, and sometimes much more of the world, is the important part.

What struck me was that our children, and most of their generation, won’t have this same shared story experience anywhere near as…

Troy Wilkins

Australian, Type 1 Diabetic, science and technology nut, always asking "why?"

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